Stuff I like

Below are some links to just a few other sites and blogs I enjoy…

Poetry Sites and Socials

Indigo Dreams Publishing – Top of the list of course is my very own publisher, who have produced some wonderful books and run the magazines Reach and Dawntreader. Buy the books, submit to the contests, subscribe to the magazines – they really are wonderful people!

The Poets Directory – An excellent reference site bringing together poetry websites, magazines and publications. The Submissions page tells you which magazines are currently accepting work. Also publishes the diverse 192 Magazine.

Atrium Poetry – A gorgeous online poetry journal, which has a habit of picking poems I really love.

Lighten up Online – A British quarterly online journal, which is a treasure chest of light poetry, with emphasis on rhyme and metre. Join the mailing list on the home page to receive links to new issues.

Obsessed with Pipework – “Poetry with Strangeness and Charm”. I’ve just subscribed to this fabulous little journal, and I LOVE it! It’s a print journal produced in my home county of Somerset, with all the magic of the hills and levels shining through.

Honest Ulsterman – Long-running journal which has featured wonderful work by poets from Ireland and beyond. Now free and online.

Snakeskin Poetry – A wonderful monthly British online journal of poetry, featuring a real mix of styles from formal to free.

Light Magazine – A bi-annual  online journal of light poetry, based in the USA. Light also features ‘Poems of the Week’ on topical issues, which are always thought provoking, sometimes hilarious. Sign up to the mailing list to receive these every week.

The Hypertexts – A vast resource of poetry, articles and links. A place to lose yourself for an hour or two!

The New Verse News –  Based in the US, the New Verse News publishes topical poetry every day, sometimes fun, sometimes serious with a politically progressive slant. Follow on Facebook.

Rattle Magazine – I would particularly recommend following Rattle on Facebook. The live Critique of the Week videos are an excellent way to see what an editor may like in a poem – and what they may not like.

The Rialto – A highly respected  British poetry magazine. The “In the Rialto” section on the website offers some really interesting perspectives on poetry. You can, of course, also order copies of the beautifully presented journal from the website.

Ink, Sweat and Tears – An online British journal offering  some gorgeous, provocative and – yes – odd poetry. Yay for odd! Follow on facebook to see a new poem every day.

Better Than Starbucks – An excellent poetry journal available both online and in print. It is divided into sections embracing all types of poetry from formal to experimental to poetry written for children.

Form in Formless Times – An excellent blog for lovers of form poetry, including light poetry. Sign up to the newsletter and receive poems fun, beautiful or odd a couple of times a week.