Oh no!


In a crazy, scary, spiralling world, it’s still OK to be shallow. It really is! Hooray for shallow! Just… maybe not 100% of the time?

Oh No!

“The plastic is filling the sea,” we said,
“A million more tonnes before tea,” we said,
“Oh no,” she said,
“OH NO!” she said,
“But how would I look with a FRINGE?” she said,
“Would I bang with bangs?
Would I look the part?
Would it make me look squinty and break my heart?
How would I look with a fringe?”

“The haters are taking control,” we said,
“And the world has a bruise for a soul,” we said,
“Oh no,” she said,
“OH NO!” she said,
“But shall I go two-tone or THREE?” she said,
“See, an awful lot hangs
on the stripes on my head
I could look like a badger in honey and red!”
Shall I go two-tone or three?”

“The wealthy grow fat on the poor,” we said,
“While the desert knock-knocks on the door,” we said,
“Oh no,” she said
“OH NO!” she said,
But have I the face for a CROP? she said,
“Would I look like a boy?
Would I look like a fool?
Ugly as hell or androgynous-cool?”
Have I the face for a crop?”

“A fringe will not suit!”
“OH NO!” she said,
“Monotone’s cute!”
“OH NO!” she said,
“A crop is off-trend!”
“OH NO!” she said
“The world’s gonna end!”
“Sorry, what?” she said.


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Photo by Frankie Cordoba on Unsplash

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